5K IMAC can't use retinal resolution

If Luna uses 5K IMAC as the display, can’t it use 5K resolution? The current resolution is 2560x1440.

me too!
is there any way can run luna display with full 5k resolution?

It only does 5K if you can tell the difference without looking at the numbers. :innocent:. And, of course, if your monitor can show 5K.:smiling_imp:


I only purchased Luna Display in order to use my older iMac 5k as a screen for my new MacBook Pro. Not getting the retina resolution out of Luna display makes me feel like I was cheated…

I could not find anything on the website to indicate that luna would not work with a iMac.

Please indicate if this issue will be addressed.

Thank you,

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Same here! I purchased this SPECIFICALLY because it appeared to have this function from everything available on the website. Why did I have to dig into the support community to discover that it might not work from a months old unanswered post?

If I really can’t use my 5k iMac with full retina support, I’m going to be very disappointed, and would further suggest that Luna is hiding that fact that this specific use is not supported, hoping users wouldn’t notice or care about the difference. Please tell me I’m wrong.

Thank you for writing in! At this time, Luna supports the iMac as a non-Retina display. We are looking into updating this feature in the future though!

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions!