A few questions before purchasing please?


I’ve been researching the Luna Display and have been very impressed with all of the praise. That said, I would be using this product more as a remote display rather than a second monitor between my iPad Pro 11” and MacBook Pro 15” 2017 generally in different rooms via Wi-Fi. I do have a few questions if you please…

• My current Remote Desktop client (SplashTop) allows me to use a mouse pointer for more granular control. Is there a similar method available using Luna Display to select items with granular control (not including external devices such as trackpads, or the Apple Pencil)? Are all of the basic gestures covered?

• I run Windows 10 via a virtual machine using Parallels on my Mac. I assume there would be no issues using Windows with the Luna Display since it’s run natively on my Mac, correct?

• Can the iPad onscreen keyboard be used for text entry when using the Luna Display?

I appreciate any help with these questions in advance,



I have Luna and have not exploited it much yet, but I can say that the things you are asking about are things I do with Astropad Studio.

  • Studio works best with a stylus especially Apple Pencil. For fine control you can zoom the viewport. It has a ‘finger mode’ you can use instead of stylus, but I don’t use it.

  • Parallels/Windows 10 works as expected.

  • Astropad has its own onscreen keyboard. It’s better than the iPad native one. You can also limit it to just Cmd/Opt/Shift keys.

I know I addressed Astropad here, but the same Mac side helper drives both Studio or Luna.



Thanks so much for the info. I’ve contacted Luna twice with these questions but have yet to hear back from them.



if there’s some way to type on the ipad, I haven’t found it. I tried all sorts of gestures to get some text into this textbox, but could not find one that worked.

I don’t have astropad, so cant comment on that.



As to my knowledge, Luna does not provide a software based Keyboard using the Luna App. But Luna will also work with Astropad Standard/Studio which actually has Keyboard input support. But if I were you, I would think about a bluetooth keyboard or keyboard folio for the iPad - it will work fine with Luna.