Adobe Audition Compatible with iPad Mini 2 /MacBook Pro


Before purchasing Luna Display (over a monitor), I wanted to know if anyone has used their Luna Display with an iPad Mini 2 (2013), a MacBook Pro (2014) and Adobe Audition? I am a voice over actor and wanted to know if this is possible before I make the purchase. Thanks for any info you may have!


Although I am not a user of Adobe Audition, I think there are two points to consider.

  1. Luna Display transfers screens from Mac to iPad, but does not transfer audio. Wired or wireless, headphones etc will be connected to Mac instead of iPad.
  2. Whether the display area of ​​the iPad mini is large enough to display the Adobe Audition interface.

In any case, if you think you want to work away from the Mac, you should consider it.
If you are setting up as a second display side by side with Mac and you are planning to partially expand the work area, you probably do not have a problem.


Thanks for your information. I don’t need to transfer audio because my interface and headphones are connected to the MacBook Pro. I just need to see Adobe audition in real time mirror display when I work in my sound studio. Will that work?


@JuliaP, I am not using the same devices as you, but wanted to share the system requirements as mentioned on the Luna Display website. Maybe you have already looked at these, but thought I’d share anyways:

What are the system requirements for Luna?

  • Works with any modern Mac - Luna requires a Mac running macOS 10.11 El Capitan (or later). For optimal performance we recommend these configurations: MacBook Air (2012 and later), MacBook Pro (2012 and later), Mac mini (2012 and later), iMac (2012 and later), Mac Pro (Late 2013).

  • Works with any modern iPad - Luna requires an iPad running iOS 9.1 (or later): iPad 2 (or later), any iPad Mini and any iPad Pro.

If you have somewhat updated operating systems on your Mac and iPad, you will likely have no problems. Compatibility with Adobe Audition will not be a problem, unless the display area isn’t as large as you want (as @approximately3 mentioned).


If you need a monitor, get a monitor. The Asus MB16AP is a portable monitor that has a battery.

Luna Dispay is a workable alternative if you already have an ipad but is a poor choice you’re buying it as a second portable monitor.

Issues that are not explained very well with the Luna Display marketing material:

  • The resolution is not particularly configurable.
  • Portrait mode is not available

Reasons to buy Luna Display:

  • you want to use your macbook in a different location, from an ipad on the same wifi network.