Anyone working on cool projects using Luna Display? Please share!

Hey everyone! :wave: My name is Savannah and I’m the Marketing Director for Luna Display.

I’d like to learn more about all of the unique ways that people are using Luna! Is anyone working on any cool projects and using Luna in your workflow? Please share! :hugs:

I’ll get the ball rolling here: :grinning: I use Luna to work on… Luna!

As a remote member of the Luna Display team, I spend a lot of days working from home, at a co-working space, or at coffee shops. I’m always on the move! I’ve found Luna to be a necessary part of my workflow because it’s an easy way to take a second display with me while I’m on the go.

Here’s a pic of me using Luna during one of our product photoshoots:

Hi there! I am a Lighting Programmer for Theater, Film, TV, and Live Entertainment. My first use of the Luna display is for programming The Atlanta Opera’s production of West Side Story!

I use my Macbook as a client of the primary Lighting Console, allowing me to have a secondary interface to control the lighting system. Using the Luna Display, I can now use my iPad as a wireless second display of my Macbook! I usually spend many hours building a visual layout all of the lights in the lighting rig, along with a second layout with buttons and macros allowing me to be more efficient programming.

Before, I had to be stuck sitting behind the lighting console. Now, I can wander around the entire theater as long as my iPad and Macbook are on the same WiFi!

Thank you so much!!!

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Hi there

I’m a Neonatal Doctor working in the NHS in the UK. I use my macbook (13" late 2013) for writing research papers, analysing data, completing audits, reviewing radiological images and the like.
The screen size was a limiting factor, so I had to email files to my work computer and use that screen as well as my laptop. However, Luna display allows me to expand my display estate - I can review excel data, journal papers etc on one screen whilst making notes on my main screen whilst keeping it all centralised on one computer.

In addition, It’s increased the lifespan of my macbook. I was struggling with the small screen and was contemplating either buying a display (which I couldn’t take to work) or a new 15" macbook. However this little dongle has saved me over £2000.

It’s been a life changer for my workflow and I’m extremely happy with it. Just need portrait mode and I’ll be even happier!

Hi all,

just sharing my setup, I am a professional illustrator based in The Netherlands and always worked with Wacom products; I owned and worked on several Cintiqs. But they are noisy (horrible fans, especially the new Pro line), bulky, and I was always fighting where to place my keyboard. Untill now… as I ordered a Luna Display and Astropad Studio, which provides me with the best workflow experience ever, working happily together on my iPad Pro and iMac Pro.
Crisp image, good calibrated image out of the box already, superb speed (USB connection). Amazing product, nothing beats this combination. Fits and speeds up my workflow in the most pleasant way.

Thank you!

Hi Savannah! I am working a using Luna Display in a couple of my my prototype/DIY projects that is DJ related. Luna plays a big part of it. I should be able to show it off next month and will post it on here when it ready. Be on the look out for it.

Here is the cool way I am using Luna Display!