Apple pencil not responding when using Luna?


EDIT: Oh man, after updating the Mac application, this problem is no more! I experience a little lag (might be because of the Retina resolution, but who knows) but nothing major. Yeah, I’ll go stand in the corner…

Hi there!

I’ve been using Astropad Studio (and Astropad before that) to use my iPad as a drawing tablet which has been marvelous in every way. I’ve had little to no issues with performance, and working with the software rivals my dedicated 22HD Cintiq at times. Getting Luna was a no-brainer and I was so excited when it appeared in the mail today!

Setting it up was no problem, just fire up the Astropad software and off we went.

The problem is what happened next: the Apple Pencil is completely dead when using Luna. I read that the Pencil in itself isn’t compatible with Luna; but since I was using Astropad Studio, which had compatibility, that wouldn’t be an issue. I mean, I even got the Artist Bundle for this very reason.
Even so, I can’t use my fingers on the iPad screen to zoom in or out (it registers that’s what I’m trying to do, it’s just that it doesn’t work) and I only managed to erase one line before the Pencil stopped responding. I’ve given the software permission in Mojave and everything, so I’m at a loss.

My setup:

Early 2013 Macbook Pro 15’’ (2,7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3) running Mojave (10,14). Using Clip Studio Paint EX.

Thanks in advance! Feels like such a bummer, I was really looking forward to this.