Artefacts in Apple Menu for inactive screen



When hovering over the Apple menu with the mouse on the inactive screen, some artifacts are visible. This happens on the second screen (iPad) as well on the main display (when this workspace is not active). See screencast:

Have more people this issue?

macOS 10.14.3
Luna display Version 3.0.1 (3075)
MacBook Pro 13" 2018


Is there something else installed that might affect rendering in some way, like eGPU drivers, or something that tunes the menu bar? Obviously you want feedback from support here, but maybe they need to know more on that :wink:


@proxym, thnx :slight_smile:

As far as I know I did not install any eGPU drivers. Do you know a wat to check this?

== feek


today I did a complete clean install on my MacBook Pro. But unfortunately the issue still persists.
But I found something that’s interesting:
By default I have “Reduce Transparency” turned on via Settings>Accessibility>Display>Reduce Transparency. When unsetting this option again, there is no strange interference in the menu bar.