Automatic mirroring

I really want Luna Display to remember my mirroring settings, so I don’t have to manually turn on mirroring every time I start up my computer. Is there a way we can get this to happen? (I’ve got a complicated Keyboard Maestro macro that tries to do this for me, but it seems like an obvious thing Luna Display should be able to remember.)


I agree 100%

I want to use my 12.9” iPad Pro as the ONLY screen on a Mac Mini. In fact reviews I had read about Luna being able to do this is why I purchased it.

However to use my iPad in this way I first have to change the mirroring options every time I boot by first using a regular monitor plugged into my Mac Mini. This somewhat defeats the very reason I purchased the Luna.

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Press cod + F1.
You’ll be a little happy.


“Cmd + F1”

But I agree the opinion too.

3.1 says that you can now toggle mirroring from the iPad - how?

Also, any chance that mirroring can work without changing the resolution of my main display? I bought Luna on a whim, hoping it would somehow help AstroPad’s performance (which was already good), but it actually breaks how I want to work with Astropad (mirroring my attached display, not creating a new one).

I have exactly the same question!