Battery drain of iPad with wired connection (USB-C to Lightning)


Wondering if anyone else has experienced significant drain of the iPad battery when using a wired connection? Wired from my MBP 13” with USB-C to lightning - so the iPad (12.9 inch pro) should be charging / holding steady rather than draining down to empty. However, I’ve noticed this occurring more than once, but not consistently. My MBP is plugged into a wall charger as well.


Is the iPad battery showing as charging? It’s possible that the iPad is charging the MacBook as well. (Or just not charging)

I believe the device that gets plugged in first is the one that gets charged.


My iPad Pro isn’t the USB-C Gen 3 version - it’s the lightning model, Gen 2. So, i think as long as it is connected to a MBP or another power source it should always start charging from it. It was showing as charging but it might have switched off at some point and I didn’t notice or the charge amount it was taking was less than what it was using.


That iPad has the ability to quick charge, which is needed to charge the iPad while doing something processor intensive and also with the screen brightness up. I have both that gen and the new usb c one. Yours is able to draw close to 30 watts, which I think is double of what the MacBook pro ports can supply. When I tested the new usb-c iPads, the draw is like 38 watts, which is great for quick charging, but hopeless if you want to charge from a MacBook port while it’s on.