Beware, Luna dongle is fragile!

I made the mistake of putting my laptop with luna dongle attached in my bag (a leather briefcase). The dongle must have caught against the side as I travelled and when I removed the laptop it fell apart. There’s a little plastic collar that holds the protective cover over the electronics but it doesn’t take much force to separate and then it’s just the usb-c pins soldered to the circuit board holding it together (or not).


Moral: disconnect dongle before packing.

Bad luck Alexei (maybe you could reach out to astro-hq for a solution)
Unfortunately, unless usb dongles have a very low profile and are designed to be left plugged into the usb port (such as thumb drives) - the majority of them would likely break/snap when exposed to force while plugged in.

I do agree though that, a low profile design would have been useful especially if its something you constantly use with your laptop - maybe the design of the next iteration will have this functionality (technical constraints allowing)

Hi Alexei,

I’m sorry that you’re Luna broke on you! Please reach out to our support team at so we can get you a new one under warranty.