Black screen on iPad when launching Luna


I am connecting from a 2017 iPad Pro 10.5” to a Mac mini (Mid 2010) running High Sierra (10.13.6).
I am running the Mac mini in headless mode and want to use Luna to control the Mac mini instead of using Screen Sharing from another Mac.

When I first connected the Luna dongle last week everything worked fine on the Mac and the iPad and I was able to control the Mac Mini from the iPad.

I then updated both to the latest SW
the iPad – Version 3.0
the Mac mini - Luna Version 3.0 (3073)

Now when I launch Luna on the iPad it acts like it is connecting because the initial Luna screen on the iPad goes away, but the screen goes black.

Using screensharing from another computer, I see the the Luna “waiting to connect dialog” change to a Luna Display dialog asking me if I want the iPad on the left, right or custom and if I want to use Retina instead.

I can see the cursor move around on the Mac Mini when I move my finger around on the iPad so I assume it is connected, but I can’t see the Mac mini screen on my iPad.

Any suggestions on how to get Luna working again.



talked to tech support and reverted " Liquid engine version" back to version 2

now works as expected


Hi i have the same issue, running High Sierra 10.13.6 & os 12.1.3, screen on iPad black but shows zoom and red spots when touch, can you advise?


This the workaround Customer Support shared with me

While holding the Option/alt key click on Luna Display’s Preferences in the menu bar and a window will pop up,
select the “Debug” tab, from there under the “Liquid engine version” select “v2”

After this change it now works. CS said they are investigating the issue.