Bugs with software under WiFi

Hi there,

I’m the proud owner of a Luna display system (Mac OS 10.15 - MacBook Pro early 2015 - so no side-car, together with an iPad Pro 12.9).

The system works fine on WiFi in general - on some occasions I need to manually connect - which is no problem. However, I have regular outages (about every 20 mins) where the MacBook display starts flashing and the iPad display closes and reverts to iPadOS. Only a restart of the Mac Luna display app helps resolve the situation (restarting on the iOS side does not).

I have fast internet with a strong signal - however, I can’t exclude that these intermittent outages are due to WiFi issues. Even then, the Luna Display software should be able to more smoothly reconnect without having to restart the software.

Anyone else with this issue?

I have not tried using a cable connection but I purchased the Luna Display specifically for the mobility of the WiFi connection…


Yes. Same issue, same setup but smaller iPad Pro model.
I THINK the problem resolved when I made sure I was using the same wifi signal (I have repeaters in my studio because it is apart from the house and has steel siding) AND both are using the 5G router speed.

Hi Christian,

I’m sorry about the poor experience you’ve been having! From your description, it sounds like a crash that’s happening on the iPad Luna Display app. In our 4.0 release, we inadvertently introduced some crashers that we are working to fix ASAP. Once we get these fixed, I expect your experience will improve.