Can I mirror my screen?



I’ve just got my Luna Display, and I’d like to be able to mirror my screen as well as extend it? Is this possible with the Luna? I’d basically like a way to run my MacBook headless via my iPad and Luna?



Hi Stewart,

Yes you can do this, I had the same question. If you go to your System Preferences once you’re connected with Luna Display and click on “Displays” then select “Arrangement” and click on the “Mirror Displays” checkbox.

Good luck,:+1:


The keyboard shortcut to mirror the display is Command+F1 on the Mac. I remapped this shortcut to a new shortcut key I can use on the iPad (since the iPad keyboard doesn’t have function keys). It saves you digging through the settings each time you launch the app on your iPad.


That’s a fantastic tip! Thanks for sharing, @jdee2wheels