Constant disconnect / reconnect

My setup is pretty straight forward, one laptop, one iPad Pro 3rd Gen, one airport express in 5Ghz. This setup is strictly for running Luna. No firewalls are in place, no other devices are using the network. Luna will work for a while then randomly connect and reconnect…sometimes it will stay connected, other times it will go in and out.

What else can I try?

2018 MacBook Pro
2018 iPad Pro 12.9
Airport Express (running 5Ghz)
Luna up to date

Am experiencing exactly the same issue with MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) and similar IPad Pro 12" on a variety of networks and using the latest Luna software and a mini-displayport version of the luna hardware

I have had the experience of getting into the same state as you described , triggered by the installation of the iOS beta version.

The iPad will intermittently disconnect and reconnect to the network.

The restoration procedure is…

  1. Make a backup of your iPad.
  2. Perform “erase all content and settings” on your iPad.
  3. Restore iPad from backup.

Deletion and reinstallation of app has no effect, and it was useless at “reset all settings”.

No beta has ever been installed

@tim I presume you’ve had no resolution?

I thought you would not have installed the beta version.
However, the symptoms that are happening look the same. I believe that is due to a glitch regarding the updating of iOS initials documents.
Not only the beta version installation but also normal OS update may cause the problem.

If other applications show intermittent disruption of communication, there is almost no doubt.
It is easy to see especially in online games. Conversely, it is difficult to observe in a type of application that takes a lot of cache.

I’ve had this issue on multiple iPads, I’m not convinced it’s confined to a single iPad, I think it’s some sort of interference issue with the Luna system.

If I use duet display or Astropad which both connect via direct USB I have no issues.

@james211 No I’ve had no resolution and have not installed any beta sw on iPad or mac

Did any of you fix it? I’ve just started up my Luna Display after a few months. And it’s doing this.