Crash when showing Settings/Sound

I’m using a Mac Mini as a way to stream audio to a dedicated DAC and into my high end stereo system.

I use Luna to control the Mac Mini from an iPad while I’m sitting on the couch. The setup works pretty well but it seems like every time I select Settings/Sound on the Mini using Luna, Luna will crash. I often have to kill the Luna process and re-launch it. This has been going on for a while and I keep hoping it will fix itself.

I often need to check the sound setting on the Mini through Luna so this bug is kind of annoying to me.

Yes, I am running the latest Luna app from the App Store.

Any thoughts?

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems.

I’m using Luna with the latest Mac Mini and a 2018 12.9” iPad Pro.

Since installing both the latest MacOS and iOS Luna updates I’ve had no problems at all. I’ve even completely removed the standard monitor that was connected to the Mac Mini.

When logging onto the Mac Mini with only the iPad, no regular monitor, I often have to blindly hit the Return key a few times, then type in my log on password with the blank Luna screen on my iPad. It sometimes takes a couple of minutes before the iPad shows the Mac Mini screen.

The one “problem” is that the Mac Mini does not log on via my Apple Watch if Luna is plugged into the Mac Mini.

There is a way to disable the login screen so you don’t need to supply a password. That’s what I have done. I am also running headless.

I upgraded iOS and the Luna iPad app. Have you tried bringing up Settings and clicking on the Sound icon? Does that work without crashing? Perhaps it is because I have a DAC connected to the Mini over USB, I don’t know.

Can I post a video here?