Custom resolution for iPad Pro



Is there any way to set a custom resolution somewhere around 1600 x 1200?

It’s the resolution I was used to work with before switching from (old)Duet to Luna. It seemed perfect next to my MacBook Pro at max res. I’m missing this pixel space :confused:

Thanks for your help


Can I use Luna Display without the dongle with direct cable connection to iPad?

Hi Sebastien,

Unfortunately, Luna Display does not have other custom resolution options
other than the ones you see listed. Custom resolutions is something we’ll need to look more into.

Sorry that we don’t have a solution at this time, but this is good feedback/request for us to keep in consideration.


I too was hoping for larger resolutions. For me I bought the ipad to use as a second monitor because of Luna Display. So finding my options are 1366x1024 which is too low or 2732x2048 which is too high was a disappointment.

Something matching the DPI ratio of the higher 2 settings on the Retina Macbooks would be perfect


Are there plans to fix this issue?