How to bring up Mac Applications doc when working on iPad?


I’m interested in being able to work on the files/apps on my mac - but to do so from my ipad (on the couch, remote around the house, etc.).

I can use my finger or pen to “open a new tab” on a browser…and If I’ve moved outlook over from my mac to the ipad/luna, I can do email on ipad (using an iPad keyboard).

The one thing I can’t do independently, is to “bring up” my mac’s application doc from the bottom of the screen to access all my apps. Yes- I can move the cursor on my mac over to the luna/ipad display and get to the app doc that way, but I’m looking for a way to bring up the application doc while on the Luna/ipad display - I can’t get my finger/cursor down to the bottom of the screen in a way that brings up the doc)

I would would welcome hearing from anyone who has had success with this

(PS Luna on ipad with wireless keyboard to ipad works flawlessly, no delay)

(also…I suspect some folks are going ask why I am trying to do things like mac mail on an ipad while dedicated ipad apps exist…just part of my testing - thanks)



Hi, the same with me - I´d like to use my Mac´s dock on my iPad - I am using only my iPad and no other monitor. Found no way to open the dock. Thanks for help.



I did find a bit of a workaround.

If you set your displays to “mirrored” (checkbox in the display preferences area) - you will see the same content on all your screens, including the luna display.

In this scenario, I found that the doc is always present on the luna display.

(certainly some trade offs here, but if you want to work independently of your primary computer (in my case a mini) this starts to get you there.

Lina created a video on their site about how to use Luna as the only monitor (headless mini) - but you may need a monitor for initial set up…and you may have to move Mac to “auto login” which has security issues for some

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Open System Preferences / Accessibility / Keyboard / Accessibility Keyboard.
And then, tap Mission Control key to see the dock.

It’s convenient to create a panel dedicated to mission control with the panel editor.



Also, depending on where you set your Luna display to be shown (left, right) you could think about showing the dock either left or right … this way though, the dock would be shown on the ipad only :wink:
You can also press Cmd+F1 to instantly mirror your screen to Luna