How to use iPad (Smart) Keyboard as full Mac Keyboard



I‘d like to use my iPad Pro with luna as a complete „remote control“ for a MacBook Pro i.e. The iPad (Smart) Keyboard would have to function as the Mac Keyboard completely.
Unfortunately right now the key combinations like CMD-Tab etc. are interpreted by the iPad, not by the Mac, so the iPad switches to other Apps, not the Mac.

Is there are chance to cycle through the Mac apps with keyboard shortcuts in Luna?

And how about scrolling in text windows (like using 2 fingers on the Mac touchpad)?

Background: I‘d like to use the iPad for controling the Mac from the couch, while the Mac sits somewhere else in the room.

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Thanks for writing in!

Unfortunately, how the Smart Keyboard behaves with the iPad is something we are yet able to control. We have notice that the keyboard works fine while having the iPad remote with Luna, some shortcuts are still exclusive to the iPad. The only real way around this right now is to either enable the on-screen keyboard, or have a wireless keyboard connected to your Mac.

I’m glad you mentioned scrolling because scrolling support does exist in Luna! If you use two fingers, you can scroll up, down, left ,right.

Let us know if you have any other questions!



Just wanted to say hello, as I am another Luna Display user from good old Munich.

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Are there any other “gestures” that Luna currently supports…?

The “two-finger scrolling” that Luna supports (as indicated by red circles when being used) - is pretty slick.

Any others we should know about?