Ipad Pro + external monitor

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to release an update that would have the Ipad pro as the main screen and other screens as a secondary. The reason is I am using clip studio paint on their and and like the functions the program has in the app, touch and rotate screen with gestures.

I know you can mirror with other softwares and also use the Ipad as a secondary monitor. These however are not want I am looking for. I want to be able to use the ipad and on the external monitor open up the same image I am working on so I can see the full image while I work.

Been looking for resources online and also 3rd party software. Supposedly some apps allow this, one for example is Procreate. It notices if you have an external monitor and will display a second image of the art you are working on full scree unaffected by if you zoom in and out on the Ipad.



You can rearrange the monitors and have the iPad as your primary screen. The problem I’ve had is that in apps like Photoshop, when I select menu options, the pop-up dialog box opens on the secondary monitor instead of on the iPad. I have to move the box back down to the iPad, and sometimes that same box will later open, when used again, on the iPad. This is something I would like to see remedied.