Light continuously flashing


The internal light on the mini-dispaly port device is continuously flashing while plugged in. Is this correct.

Everything appears to be working correctly, my macbook pro 2015 is able to connect to the luna display app on running on the 2018 ipad pro to extend my macbooks screen.

Connection is via wifi

Why the flashing?


Getting multiple crashes today. Does that mean my unit is failing?


The message on the macbook screen reads “Plug luna display in” but the unit IS plugged in.


Hello! Sorry to hear you’re having some issues. The light on is just a diagnostic light to let you know Luna is working. We’re working on a fix to just disable that light on your end.

As for the crashes, is it whenever you do something specific or is it completely random?


it happens a couple of times some days and none other days, there is nothing specific that I can do to trigger it.

I also can not reproduce it on demand. I know that makes it difficult to fix. Each time it crashes I do send the bug report, so hopefully that gives you data to work with.


Yes it does Michael. Our developers are able to retrieve the crash logs and work on fixes with that.

In the meantime, may I ask what your network quality is normally like? You can find this by swiping in from the left or right of the ipad to bring up Luna’s side bar. At the top, it shows what your connection quality is like. Behaviors of a poor network quality usually results in issues similar to what you’re facing.


the status indicator reads “High Quality”


I wonder if when there are dips in the connection during times it crashes.

If possible and convenient for you, could you try using a USB connection between your iPad and your Mac? Do you notices the crashes as often as before? This will help us understand if the issue is within the network or within our application.

I understand that you will probably have to use it for a couple days before you can notice any changes. Please just report in whenever it’s convenient for you!


Its not convenient. When plugged in via usb the ipad tries to charge. The macbook is running on batteries most of the time, the result is i end up with a fully charged ipad but an empty macbook.


In that case, is it possible for you to try connecting to a 5GHz channel Wi-Fi if available?


how would I do that?


I don’t know all the details with it, but I’ll jump in and share what I know…
You can switch from the (more-common) 2.4Ghz band to the (less-common) 5.0Ghz band on 802.11ac routers (and a few other types). Here is an article about it. Luna Display support materials mention this option as well here. Sorry about the frustrations you are having, @michael.


Thanks for the info. Turns out my router does not support 5ghz.

Its a Huawei B315s-607 which is always in the same room as where I work. The connection is ‘High Quality’, so that suggest to me that wi-fi connection quality should not be the primary concern. (At a guess.)


I am also having issues with the adapter light continuously flashing. Are there any updates on a fix for this?