Luna can’t work with Majave 10.14.2 and iOS12.1.1


macOS 10.14.2(18C54) and iOS12.1.1(16C5050a)
Luna can’t work. ( ; _ ; )


working fine here after update.


If you can try uninstalling the Luna app from your Mac and reinstalling it.

Let me know if that works for you!


I am having the same problem, just got my Luna device today, I was already running 10.14.2 and 12.1.1, every time I will get the following message, I have unplugged, plugged, rebooted the Mac, iPad, etc. always the same message:


I appreciate the provision of information. I installed and on Mac and iPad again, downloaded the macOS installer from the App Store, and installed overwriting the OS. But there was no effect.


I uploaded it to iOS 12.1.2 PB, but the situation is still unchanged. Did my LunadisplayHW break down?


I had the same problem. It worked after I unplugged my second monitor… Then I plugged the second monitor back in and it still worked just fine.


Hmm, what year and model Mac and iPad are you using?

Also, if you find the response here too slow, I invite you to email us at with your issues so that our support team can help you!


I came back.
I had to perform “erase all content and settings” on my iPad.
Deletion and reinstallation of app has no effect at all, and it was useless at “reset all settings”.
Anyway, I got to be able to connect wireless again. I thank everyone.