Luna Display blocking web content

Hi Folks, I’m a new user and am having a problem. My setup is Mac Mini + iPad. My main monitor is a TV connected on my Mini’s HDMI output.
The problem I have is the fact that I can’t look at pay content on the web, like Netflix, on my Mac whenever the Luna Display dongle is connected to it.
I understand that Content providers like Netflix don’t want you to broadcast their content and It is blocked somehow.
However, I still need to play this content and would hope to be able to do so when Luna Display is not running on the Mac and the iPad. It seems that even though Luna Display apps are not running on the Mac or iPad, web content is still blocked on the Mini, as soon as the dongle is connected to it. I hear the sound but get no image and I get an error message from the web site.

If I unplug the dongle, everything works fine and I can view the pay content.

I usually use Luna Display in mirroring mode.

Is there a way to see this type of web content on my Mac without having to unplug the dongle?

Thanks for your help.


The same applies for music streeming services like Spotify. I plugged in the dongle while Spotify was playing and the computer stopped responding and had to stop it using the On/Off button.
Would anyone have a workaround suggestion? A way to avoid blocking all incoming pay content as soon as the dongle is plugged in.

Ok, found a workaround: Instead of using dedicated apps or Safari, using Google Chrome to get this content solves the problem. Tested with Netflix, Spotify and