Luna Display Keeps MacBook Pro Fan Running

In the past when I’ve used Cintiqs I have never experienced the fan running nonstop while in use. Doing things like 3D of course will make the fan run. But the Luna Display, while in use, makes my MBP run a tad on the hot side and the fun just keeps going. When I close Astropad the fan turns off about two minutes later. Anyone know if there is a setting on Macs to curtail this, or does the Luna really put that much stress on a system?



Hi there, I was having a few performance issues that were alleviated when I switched off automatic graphics switching (in the energy tab of Mac system preferences) i’m Not sure if that will help in this case but it worked for me.
Hope that helps

Mine is already switched off. Maybe the computer is just getting old. Apple doesn’t really build things to last like in the old days…

Hi, I don’t think so, because.I’m using a new MacBook Pro 16" with an iMac 5K Late 2014 as secondary display and the fans of the MacBook Pro are constantly running. After quitting the Luna Display App, the fans are reducing their speed in 2 minutes.

Any solutions or suggestions are highly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine’s the same - admittedly a fairly aging Mid 2012 15” MacBook Pro but it does take a beating using Luna Display.

Particularly bad when I’ve got Microsoft Office open on the iPad screen I’ve noticed - but that’s a grotty app anyway, seems very resource heavy (or I’ve got too many emails)…

It would be lovely if it could be made a little less processor heavy, as it does sometimes seem less smooth than it could be.