Luna Display & Late 2018 iPad Pro


Hi, wondering if the USB-C connection type of the iPad Pro and it’s improved GPU will mean anything in regards to Luna Display performance. Thanks!


Very curious about this as well.


We have not yet tested with the new 2018 iPad Pros, so cannot be exactly sure.

We’re just as excited to see if this will improve Luna’s performance as well, and we will report back with our findings as soon as we get our hands on the hardware :crossed_fingers:


I am looking forward to the results of the test!


What would be great is if you just could use Luna with a wired connection as a proper external display, without any compression etc. The new thunderbolt / USB-C connection should be able to have enough bandwidth I guess? The biggest drawback for me was the additional performance cost on my MacBook Pro that is not apparent when using a “proper” external display. It would be fantastic to have this cost removed.

Personally I think just being able to use the iPad in this manner would satisfy all my needs.


I have just tested Luna Display with my new iPad Pro 2018 and it works great.


Luna display works well over usb-c. You need a usb-c 3.1 cable to take advantage of the faster usb 3.1 speeds. The included charge cable will only do usb 2 speeds. Belkin makes a $12 one, the $39 Apple thunderbolt cable will also work, but you won’t get thunderbolt speeds as the iPad doesn’t support thunderbolt.

However it looks like Luna display app is limiting total bandwidth so you still get artifacts when scrolling or there is a lot of movement. It would be great if we could set a higher bandwidth limit.

This is assuming Luna dongle itself can handle the bandwidth.