[Luna Display mDP + Astropad apps] Bad performance


Hello, just received Luna Display Mini Displayport.

It’s working pretty well. Not as expected (some little pixelization when moving windows or scrolling) but this is not the problem.

The problem is:

  • When using Astropad apps with Luna Display attached to Mac, the performance is worst than using Luna Display hardware with Luna Display apps. It lags and Aple Pencil performance is worst than Astropad without Luna Display hardware.


  • Luna Display hardware attached to MBP. Luna Display apps in iPad Pro and MBP. Visual performance very nice even with Retina activated. Apple Pencil performance very nice even with Retina activated; unlucky, pressure sensitivity wont work (advertised, not a problem).

  • Luna Display hardware attached to MBP. Astropad apps in iPad Pro and MBP, both Studio and Standard versions all up-to-date. Visual performance is nice; pixelization when moving windows around and scrolling. Apple Pencil performance worst than only Astropad apps without Luna Display attached to MBP. Worst visual performance when Retina is activated; not noticed that difference when using only Luna Display apps.

  • All apps up-to-date and Luna Display firmware previously installed. Accesibility activated on macOS settings. Tested with only iPP screen, iPP screen + MacBook Pro monitor; always same performance.

  • Tested over wifi and USB. Wifi pereformance is even worst, almost unable to draw correctly, it’s like is using Airplay or worst. I will use USB connection, but this is also a problem. My wifi connection is good, i’m using the most unsaturated channels, only 5ms latency. Using only Luna apps, all problems disappear.

My hardware and software:

  • Macbook Pro (retina 13" early 2015). 8GB RAM. Mini Displayport.
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • iPad Pro 1st gen 2015 12.9", 32 GB RAM wifi.
  • iOS 12.0.1


Hi there,

Yep my performance is a little erratic for me too. I’m using a mid 2012 MBP on High Sierra. Sometimes it’s super smooth sometimes the performance is super jerky.

Now I have no idea how this works but here are some of my observations.

I find performance depends on the apps you are using. I believe that Astropad is optimised for certain apps and relies on developer input to ensure optimal performance. I use Astropad for sketching and animating. I have found that performance in mischief and clip paint studio is usually pretty good, but when drawing in rebelle 3, art rage or Paintstorm Studio I am more likely to get angular lines instead of smooth curves. Drawing in Toonboom Harmony is mostly ok.

I find that the following also have an impact on performance:

  • Lots of apps open once
  • More free space on your hard drive = better performance
  • Performance drops when backups are running, I back up via Time Machine and also to a cloud backup, both seem to impact performance

To try and ensure the best performance possible I close down all unnecessary apps and make sure that no background processes such as backups are running. And if that doesn’t work I try restarting my Mac and cross my fingers :slight_smile:

It would be great if the devs could weigh in here and offer any advice


Hi there! what do you mean by “Accesibility activated on macOS settings”, and what made you feel like whatever this was would help? I also have lag and was wondering if i had a setting wrong… thank you


Hi there, just wanted to come back with some more observations. Since my last post I managed to archive off around 100gb from my hard drive Previously my 500gb hard drive was down to its last 40gb. And I can confirm this has improved performance in all apps. The big name apps such as photoshop, clip paint sketchbook pro, and toonboom harmony and zbrush are running super smoothly. The lesser known apps such as rebelle Paintstorm Studio art rage and storyboarder are aren’t as smooth, but definitely a lot better than they were perhaps this is due to app optimisation?!.

So I would certainly recommend freeing up some space and see if that helps.
@mronge or @Malyse it would be great to get your feedback/advice. It would also be great to know if there is a list is art apps that Astropad is optimised for.


@Carlitusroda If possible, please send us a video of the performance you’re experiencing between using Astropad+Luna hw, and only Luna apps. Is Luna Display using version 1.1.1 of the apps?

To confirm for troubleshooting, this experience with Astropad was not the case, when not using w/Luna hardware?

@rin What Mac OS are you using?
Are you experiencing the same lag with USB connection as well?

@Macm0nkey Definitely if your hard drive is approaching full, it can effect overall Mac performance; especially running graphic processing intense programs.

Does your Mac use a discreet graphics card or no?

With our own testing, there are times that Rebelle, Paintstorm, and Art Rage can have certain brushes that are slower, due to how some animate on screen.
We’re do have software compatibility list for Astropad – https://blog.astropad.com/software-compatibility/ and will grow it further as best as we can!


Hi @Malyse thank you for your reply. I have now turned off the graphics switching option in the energy tab in the system preferences and that seems to have improved performance further:) so I am now getting pretty consistent quality even on the more troublesome apps… yey !! Happy days :wink:


Hi. In MacOS Mojave, when any software tries to ‘control the computer’ (sorry, i use spanish language), you must give it permission in File Vault->Accessibility. MacOS advertise you when any software tries it; then yo must allow it.

Sorry for the delay.

I will send you a link to video.

Luna Display is 1.1.1. Astropad apps are last versions.

Astropad runs fine without Luna Display hardware. There’s more graphical glitches and some Mac software don’t run very well (Paintstorm); but, Pencil performance is very smotth. Tested using resoltuions: 1440p and 1344 x 1008 (my main monitor have this resolution).

I did some more tests:

  • Unisntalled Huion Drivers. Closed all apps.

Now, Astropad+Luna runs very smoothly without Retina, specially Pencil, even Paintstorm is very fine. This is OK for me.

Retina don’t work very well, bad Pencil performance.

There’s a screenshot; a fast stroke w/Retina, Retina, only Luna apps Retina. It’s done using Paintstorm. If i use Clip Studio, the strokes are nice, but the strokes are showed in screen with a noticeable delay.


First, some confusion from previous posts. The Luna Display app alone isn’t supposed to work with pressure sensitivity. That makes sense because you use it with the Astropad app to add that functionality. I get that.

The problem I have with AstroPad + Luna Display or AstroPad/Luna Display by themselves is very specifically the brush tool in photoshop. Any other tool, including the eraser tool, seem to work just fine, oddly enough. The brush tool specifically has a lag and you have to keep it in place to complete the line.

I experienced this problem on AstroPad so I bought a Luna Display in hopes that it would solve the problem. I didn’t have this problem previously and I’ve been using AstroPad for years.

I have the latest Macbook Pro and the latest iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2. I shouldn’t have this issue… And what makes less sense is that the eraser tool works fine. It’s pretty frustrating. PLEASE FIX!


Just another note: I have Auto Graphics Switching off and have tried everything else suggested. Maybe it’s a Photoshop update issue or Mohave.


Just an update to this, my issue with the brush tool in Photoshop is resolved. Somehow, I had the smoothing (inside photoshop) up all the way, lowering it all the way fixed my issue. Seems dumb, not sure why it happened… but check that out if you have a similar issue.