Luna Display Not Connecting through WIFI (doesnt work with out a chord)

I am running a 2018 macbook pro (OS 10.14.4) and iPad Pro 12.9" (Wi-Fi/Cell - 2nd Gen)]( ) running OS version 12.1

It simply is not connecting. When I attempt to manually connect via wifi, it doesnt take its time to ‘take the picture’ of the QR code and nothing happens. I can manually connect with the USB cable, but thats the same as using astropad. The reason I invested the money in the dongle is for the purpose of not using chords and having an extended desktop.

Here is a video of what happens. Feeling defeated:

Are your iPad and MacBook connected to the same Wi-Fi network?

I am having this same issue, and have since I received my Luna Display last year (before you rolled out v3, which was supposed to correct these issues). I can connect by USB cable, but as soon as I disconnect that, kaput. The Manual Connection setting does not wait for the QR code to be framed or focused, yet it recognized the name of the computer to be connected to, and then the connection fails.

This has become an expensive red dongle instead of a useful tool. And yes, all my hardware is up to date, latest versions, same wi-fi network, and sitting ~ 2m from my (Apple branded) router.

Yes, of course they are on the same network! I just bought this less than a month ago. And had to wait to get my new macbook to try it out - since I ordered the USB-C. Is there a solution for this or should I try to get a refund. I wrote an email directly to customer service and no reply. Very disappointed in this product.

Do you attach the dongle directly to your MacBook USB-C port? This product is not compatible with hubs.
Also, can you connect with any Wi-Fi network? I have connected with no problem with my mobile Wi-Fi router or my home network. However, I have not tried in public Wi-Fi.

That solved the problem. I was connecting at a cafe. I did it on my phone and it worked fine… I wonder why public wifi doesnt support it? :confused:

In many cases, public wireless LANs restrict communication between connected devices from the viewpoint of security.
This is why Lunadisplay can not connect over a public wireless LAN.