Luna Display to create primary monitor


Is it possible to set up a 2018 Mac Mini + Luna Display to use an iPad Pro as a primary (and only) monitor? That would be a great travel pack and an alternative to the Macbook Pro


Unfortunately, I think that a spare monitor is necessary. In order for LunaDisplay to work, it is necessary that LunaDisplay HW is installed in the port of Mac and is running. When rebooting the Mac for some purpose, you will not be able to monitor the state of the Mac. Especially when updating the OS, trouble will occur if you keep Luna HW on Mac port. I am using LunaDisplay with the lid of the MacBook Pro closed. (Of course, I often use it with lid open) In daily operation, I use on iPhone to unlock Mac, And are launched / quit and switched. This works even though Mac is in the state of login screen. It works.However, I think that it is thing to love it to the last.


That is very useful information. Thank you.


Turn off FileVault, and be amazed. With eGPUs it turns on the boot up function.


We put together a quick guide for 2018 Mac mini setup information here: