Luna Display using 5K iMac as external / secondary display is overscanning

I just bought Luna Display to use my 5K iMac (2019) as an external display to my MacBook Pro 13 (2018). Everything works fine, except that the image on the 5K iMac is overscanning: it is shifted up, such that the menu bar is “up” into the top of the display, and therefore hidden. At the bottom, I can see a rectangular sliver of my iMac’s “real” desktop.

In short, can you help me shift the whole image on the iMac down to fit correctly within the screen so I can use this product? (See attached image of iMac desktop.)

Other notes:

  • I use many Spaces (virtual desktops), although I am not sure why this would cause an issue.
  • Both machines are on the latest version of macOS Catalina.
  • The image on the smaller MacBook is rendering fine; everything is within the frame.

I’m having the same trouble - I saw Luna reply to a couple of tweets about the issue, so fingers crossed a fix is coming soon!

The good folks at Luna support fixed this for me, by pointing me to the latest beta’s:

I downloaded and installed them and they worked for me, so hopefully they will work for you too! I can see the menu bar at the top of the iMac display now, which is great.


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Can confirm. :grinning: It solves the issue with overscanning and the missing menubar. I’m using an iMac 4k Retina 2017 as the main computer and a Macbook 12 Retina 2016 as a secondary display. It’s getting better every day.

And also, the WiFi-Connection is way more stable. (5 GHz)