Luna + External Monitor



I know that Luna Display won’t work with a MacBook Pro (mid 2015 for me) in clam shell mode. Right now I have a 27 inch external monitor that hooks up to one of the mini-display ports.

The Question: If I get the Luna Display mini-display port version and insert it into the adjacent mini-display port, will the external monitor and Luna peaceably co-exist? Could I have the MacBook Pro open (out of clam shell mode) and have the monitor and iPad each feed off of their respective ports at the same time, thus giving me three screens?




Hi there, I’m not sure if this helps at all but I am rocking a mid 2012 MBP Retina hooked up to an Apple Thunderbolt Display. Luna is working for me in closed clamshell mode, I checked last night and it does seem to also work as a three monitor setup too. This may be because I’m using the Apple Thunderbolt Display though so please don’t purchase on the back of this recommendation. I’m sure that @Malyse should be able to give you the official word on compatibility.


Well, the Thunderbolt mini-display port is what I’d be using. I have two of those ports, and right now one of them is plugged into a 27" external monitor. I have a mid-2015 MBP w/Retina. It was over a year ago that Astropad said they still needed to do R&D work to get Luna to work in clamshell mode. So maybe they worked it out. But before I splurge 80 bills, I’d like to hear from them. I mean, I’m ready to pull the trigger here, man! :slight_smile:

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@geshultz Luna will work fine as the third display in the setup you describe. (Mac+Monitor+Luna)
No issues, as long as Luna Display’s hardware is connected direct to the Mac port.

For Clamshell mode, we don’t have official support yet. We’ve had users report setups where it does not work, and this is something we are currently working on fixing.

Astropad does work in Clamshell mode, just doesn’t have a way to wake up the Mac from the iPad side.


I’ve been using Astropad in clamshell mode for a couple of years now with no troubles – I have rarely used the actual MBP screen at all. It just mostly stays closed. It was Luna specifically that I think most of us were wondering about with regard to working in clamshell mode. At any rate, thank you for letting me know that the scenario I described should function properly. It opens up a whole bunch of possibilities for me.

Again, thank you.



Just purchased it. Looking very forward to using it. :grinning:


I use on iPhone to wake the Mac up.
Even the iPad version is probably possible.


I only use my Mac for design work and development stuff, then I turn it off and mostly use my PC, so my Mac has never been in sleep mode.Again, I’ve never even used its monitor more than a few times. I imagine I’ll start using it more now after I receive my forthcoming Luna package.