Luna interfers with Facetime on Mac


My luna display is not allowing my mac to accept calls in facetime.

I spent 9 hours yesterday on the phone with Apple and AT-T trying to figure this out.

The current solution is simple: Take the red Luna Dongle out of the thunderbolt port, and don’t use Luna. Which totally sucks. Really. Because I love this novel solution a second screen and it works great! Except that it blocks incoming calls.

I work both on facetime and with luna all the time. After spending a lot of time with Apple support, there’s little question: Luna display is not letting facetime receive calls (conversely, I can make calls from my facetime, and every incoming call my iphone also registers on facetime.

I’m begging for a solution to this. Anyone have an idea why this is happening ? A network change? A gremlin? A network change made by a gremlin?


My specs:
MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)
Mac OS 10.14.3
iOS 12.1.4


I found a solution. Resetting the PRAM (option+command+P+R after start up chime) seems to have cleared the log-jam from the thunderbolt. Facetime functioning normally again.