Luna should creat their own line of external portable displays


I travel a lot with my Macbook Pro 15 and iPad Pro 12.9 with Luna (of course!).

I researched some external portable external display for my Macbook and it still circles back to iPadPro. However, it is too expensive and could be a lot lighter and bigger.


You should create your own line of portable displays that “doesn’t suck”.

  • 15 inch 4k display wrapped in custom iPad like enclosure
  • USB-C or HDMI interface
  • power from USB-C?
  • no battery or internals means it will be feather light and cheap!
  • build in feet that pop-out; no stand needed

The trick is in the industrial design. All the ones on Amazon look like poo.

You have the audience. You should do this!!!


How about this?