Lunadisplay and resolution change on imac



I have an 2011 imac and display changes resolution (srhinks in width) on inserting lunadisplay in miniDP. I assume it is due to the resolution adjustment to have the same resolution on display and iPad.

Is it possible to have lunadisplay connected to miniDP all the time but only switch resolution when I actually connect to an iPAD? Otherwise I have to unplug lunadisplay to have the full resolution.



For Display settings, with Resolution on the iMac’s side;
is it set to Default for display or Scaled? (for example --)

If Scaled, try setting it to Default.


If this is already set, any Mirroring settings in use? And do you use Spaces at all on your Mac?



It was the mirroring option.

I never had multiple displays on osx before and was not aware of this setting.

Thank you.