Mac Mini, Luna Display, and Screens VNC for remote control



So, I know that Luna Display can be used when locally connected to the same wifi network to a headless Mac Mini as the primary monitor. But, my question is regarding remote connection to the Mac Mini, using Screens VNC. Typically, people such as Mac Mini Colo recommend using a HDMI dongle to get the Mac Mini to default ot a higher resolution when connecting via a VNC client. So, what I’m wondering is, does having the Luna Display dongle attached to the Mac Mini work in the same way? Even if I’m not currently using the Luna iPad app (but the Luna Mac App is running)? Or is the higher resolution of the dongle only running when it is connected to the iPad app?



I just tried it. Using Luna I’m getting 1366x1024 (on a 12.9" iPad, not set up to use retina). Once Luna is disconnected, though, it drops down to 1024x768 for other apps I try (VNC Viewer and Screens).