MacBook Pro and iPad Pro don't connect wirelessly


I’ve tried a bunch of things to try and get this to connect, to both my MacBook Pros, but it won’t.
Latest attempt is with a MBP running Mojave and the iPad Pro is running the latest iOS.
I’m able to connect with a USB-C cable, but would rather not use that.

I’ve gone into the accessibility settings and enabled Luna Display to control the Mac.
They’re running on the same wifi network.

So frustrating!


try a different router if you have one.


Yes, We have same problem between MacBookPRO and LUNA display iPad.
It does connect sometime by WIFI but it disconnects many times a day while the WIFI is running 24/7/365 without any trouble. After disconnection, it does not connect automatically. The app says “unplug and plug the device” which is very much annoying and even we did so, it sometimes fail to connect. At last, the app shows just white square on MacBook PRO and the connection is dead.
The idea was good but this is not a product. This is a trial product.
We decided to return the piece.