Menubar or Daemon macOS App

I really like using Luna as a third (and touch-sensitive) display for my iMac. But I really don’t enjoy that it takes up a slot on my Mac’s Dock. Can you please consider making it a menubar app, or even something that runs in the background with no GUI regularly present? Quite frankly, if it just sat behind the scenes and didn’t have to be in either my Dock or menubar, and also didn’t put up its window with every connection and disconnection, that would be most ideal. The brilliance of Luna rests in its seamless ability to transform an iPad into a touch and Apple Pencil-compatible Mac display. But it is less than seamless on the hardwired Mac display since it puts up its window. I like Luna, but would enjoy it more if it did what it was built to without getting in my way on other Mac displays.