Mouse (paired to secondary) won't extend to primary mac screen

Hi there!

So the issue I’m having is that the magic mouse I have paired to my secondary mac (iMac, Late 2013) works just fine on the secondary display when I’m running Luna Display, however, I can’t get the cursor to extend over to my primary screen (2018 Macbook Pro 15"). If I use the Macbook’s trackpad, or pair the magic mouse to my Macbook, it works as expected, but it’s rather annoying having to pair the mouse to my Macbook every time I use Luna Display… especially since I don’t have to do this with the magic keyboard that’s paired with my secondary iMac.

Am I doing something wrong, need to adjust some setting, or is this just not possible yet?

Thanks in advance!

Based on the answer here, I believe this just isn’t supported yet. (I get the same behavior you describe.)