My small request


To AstroHQ. I would like you to realize the following four points.

  1. Storage of display connection settings
  2. Support for portrait mode in
  3. “Relative mode” implementation of touch operation
  4. Maintain connection with Mac when switching to other app on iPad
    Especially if 3. realizes, the operability of macOS on iPad is dramatically improved. Aspire to realize!


We appreciate taking the time to write out requests.

  1. Please elaborate more on this idea; does this relate to arrangement, resolution settings, or something else?
  2. This is in the works! We appreciate your patience.
  3. Relative to the Mac? Like touch gestures that can use mouse click, and/or trackpad functions? Or something different?
  4. For sure a nice one, and we’ll have to look into how we can improve this!

  1. All items of display setting. There are desirable settings depending on the purpose of connecting the display and the type of work, such as resolution, arrangement, menu bar arrangement, rotation. It would be best if you could save these multiple settings, if possible, and select them when connecting. I hope that you will be able to reconnect at the last setting. (This is related to 4.)

  1. Wow! I am longing for it!

  2. I mean “TrackPad like behavior”. If works like a trackpad and BetterTouchTools responds to it, it’s strongest.

  3. I expect it! If this can be done well, LunaDisplay will be more than just a display!

  1. If we could use, in split view mode, iOS app and MacOs, that’d be amazing!!! :star_struck:


…and, drag and droppable…
‘s god! :exploding_head: