Portrait Mode Support

Hallo, I’m waiting for the support of Portrait Mode (Vertical Mode) with Luna Display.
In Astropad you can use Portrait Mode, so I’m still using Astropad…


We are currently working on adding this support, thank you for your patience!


Some time passed. Is there any news about this? I really miss this feature.

I have seen that opening the Astropad application in the iPad and in the Mac, with the Luna connector plugged in, the connection is performed with the advantages of Luna and, if also disabling the retina mode, the portrait mode is supported. Still, the portrait mode with retina is not working.

I echo this request. I think the luna display is an excelelnt tool, and being able to rotate my ipad so I can annotate and read docs/pdfs in portait would be fantastic.

Is there an ETA for portrait mode?

Please enable portrait mode in Luna Display. Essential for working with documents.

Any news, portrait mode is critical to use the iPad as a document reader while working n the primary display

+1 here, would love to use it as document reader

    • 1 here, Please add the vertical mode which will be extremely useful for paper reading.

+1, It would be great to have a second display in Capture One when shooting portraits. Thanks for the effort!

I personally want dynamic sizing which would allow me to open a different app on my iPad Pro and use it side by side with luna display app. This however would mean they will need to support iPhone sizes for screen display (but they can still make it iPad only app). That would automatically imply portrait mode.

I want that because apps like VNC support this, and it’s super convenient if you have an IDE running on the real mac that is mirrored through luna to the iPad and in the other app you will have some book / documentation of some sort.

But for starters luna display can require full screen and still allow all orientations.

+1. Yes please! I work coding and portrait mode would be awesome. Thanks guys.

+1 yes please! Hopefully also dynamically!

Still working on portrait mode?

I need portrait mode!

Please add this functionality.
When I bought into the system, it never crossed my mind that this would not be possible.

Very often drawing takes place in Portrait mode.
Not being able to rotate really messes up the workflow.

Also looking for portrait mode. Want to use my iPad as basically a document viewer on my desk. Was using a software only solution but didn’t like that it wasn’t retina. So I bought Luna Display and now have retina but no longer have portrait mode. I can’t win!

Is this ever coming? It would probably be the saving grace for the software. I’ve got a lovely stand for my Pro waiting to be used in portrait mode!

Again, document reading, it would be so useful.