Quick swap to single display?


I’ve got Luna display up and running on my Mac mini, but 90% of the time I am using my Mini at my desk, with three monitors attached to an eGPU. I have luna display connected directly to the mini.

What I am looking for is a simple way to quickly swap from 3 display mode to “headless” mode using Luna display. So if I am across the house with my iPad, I login, then hit a keyboard shortcut that disables the 3 main displays, then sets Luna as the primary display. And a keyboard shortcut to reverse it when I go back to my desk.

Is that something that is possible with SwitchResX? Or maybe since the three displays go through the eGPU, maybe there is a way I can toggle the eGPU on/off? Does anyone else have a similar setup? My main problem is I log in with Luna, then need to gather all my already open windows to the new luna desktop to actually use it.