Snapping Photoshop toolbars to Luna display?


I’m not sure whether this is a Luna question or a Photoshop question, or just a general workflow question. But as I’ve been using Luna, I find the biggest slowdown to my work flow is having all of my tool panels over on my main iMac monitor while I draw on my iPad screen. It’s a pain to have to put down my Pencil to grab my mouse any time I need to change a brush or pick a colour from the Swatches palette on the fly. While I can drag the tool windows onto the second display, I can’t seem to get them to snap to the edge of the screen (so, as a result, the file window will ofter overlap with them).

Is there a way to get the toolbars to snap? Alternatively, am I just not using Luna with Photoshop in the most optimized workspace layout? I’d love to see how the rest of my fellow artists set up their dual screen workspaces.