Text blurry when scrolling, part 2


Hello !

I have to create a new thread of this : Text blurry when scrolling
… because I can not write more than 3 posts by thread, as a “new user”.

I totally agree with @proxym : It seems to be a limitation about bandwidth (Luna vitals panel illustrate this)…

@AstroHQ-Hoang : I already sent a mail, the answer was :

The engine that drives Luna prioritizes on getting 60 FPS. The engine will decrease picture quality where it needs to in order to maintain that 60 FPS. During slow move constant movements such as scrolling or something very busy like action videos or gaming, Luna will decrease the quality to keep the frames, and then correct when the images are still again. We are constantly working hard to make this transition more seamless for the user and will reach a point where the artifacting is minimal; however, we are not quite there yet.

For the best quality, we recommend using a USB connection from the iPad to your Mac. While this doesn’t completely remove the artifacting, it does help.

If you try USB and it is also still unacceptable to your standards, we would be more than happy to process a return for you since Luna is not working out in your use case. We would just need the email that you used to purchase it.

From what I understand: It’s a limitation and it’s not a “bug” but a “functionality”.

@AstroHQ-Hoang: Is there any way to bypass the 3Mb bandwidth limitation ? I think we would all be more than happy to try this !


Screenshot of vitals (The higher throughput value is when I move a window)

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We are constantly battling between reducing latency and improving the visual fidelity of the video system. Unfortunately, it’s a technical limitation that we’re working hard to overcome. We are continuously making releases and software updates to improve this experience. Thank you for the detailed feedback — it helps us as we work to build for Luna.

The bandwidth on the other hand isn’t being limited, our graph just isn’t big enough to include the larger numbers it reaches.

We are confident that you will be impressed with the video enhancements in our pipeline of improvements to come, as we constantly strive to refine the quality of our products!


Hello @AstroHQ-Hoang !

Okay. Thank you. Can’t wait for the new release :wink: . Any idea of when it will be released ?



Hello @AstroHQ-Hoang !

Could you answer please ?



Hello Deetox! Sorry to leave you hanging there!

Unfortunately we don’t have an exact timeline at this point, but sometime this year for sure! We just want to make sure we work out all the kinks!


Thank you ! Let us know if we could help (for beta testing or something else).



For sure! If you wanted, private message me your apple ID email so that I can get you signed up for any closed betas we may have.