Text blurry when scrolling


I have a 2018 12.9 ipad Pro connected to a 2018 15 Inch Macbook Pro - when using Luna, scrolling results in the text on the iPad becoming blurry while connected with a usb 3.0 cable on both ends.

The new Duet Display update does not have this problem when scrolling with a USB 2.0 connection without a hardware excelleration dongle so I am wondering if this is a bug or a glitchy in my apps.

Any idea why the performance is so poor comparatively?

Text blurry when scrolling, part 2

I just use Luna for graphics work. Scrolling text is just very sloppy with it. I gave up on it.


I too see this issue.


I am using Luna Display with mini display port on my 2015 MBP 15", which is connected via USB to previous gen 12.9" iPad Pro. I was hoping that the 3.0 software update will fix this blurry while scrolling issue, but was disappointed to find that there was only slight improvement. The refreshing/blurry screen on the iPad is still noticeable when scrolling. Currently Duet still is better in this regard.

Please fix this issue or my purchase of Luna would be a waste of money.


Hello Luna Team !!!

Same here with strong wifi connection. This is very annoying…



9 days without an answer in this blog.
I also sent a mail, the same day, without answer too.

It’s really disappointing for a 80$ product !

So, again, the content of my email:

I bought and installed the luna tomorrow and I have a problem while scrolling: text os blurry (same as here: Text blurry when scrolling), with and without retina mode ensables.

Also, when I move windows, it is also blurry around it… Infact, every move make some « glitches ».

I also tested a game (Diablo 3) but it is not usable: the picture is horrible…

I have a strong 5ghz wifi connection.

I work on Mojave and an iPad Pro V1.

Is there something I have to do to prevent this strange effect ?

Thank you.


So as far as I can tell, it is due to bandwidth limitations of Luna Display and Liquid (codec) trying to update certain areas of your screen as fast as possible with lower image quality. Liquid seems to be updating areas to ‘pixel perfect’ once it has enough bandwidth.
I would assume that if they found a way to increase the bandwidth of, what seems to be about max 3MB/s, we would have way better visuals with moving content, also including text when scrolling.
The new iPad Pro lineup has USB-C connectivity and should support higher transfer speeds. But for now they seem to remain silent as for supporting higher speeds.


Same here
Macbook Pro 15" 2017 + iPad Pro 12.9 2018
It’s a bit annoying but acceptable for me. It’d be great if this problem got fixes anyway!

ps. I don’t understand why there’s no luna staff here in this thread. They don’t even care about us.


Hello everyone, we’re sorry to hear you’re all having some issues.
Everyone’s setup is different and unfortunately there isn’t a catch all answer for this. If possible, I would invite you all and those who are new reading this to email support@astro-hq.com so that we can work with you through this problem. Thank you for your understanding!