Who needs a USB-C Luna?

I must have rushed to order this new product back in October 2018 because I ordered a USB-C and need the Mini Display.:roll_eyes:

If you need a 2nd USB-C, I am willing to mail it to you and you wouldn’t need to pay me a fair price until you guarantee it works. Luna will not take it back because I didn’t even open it until 5 months after I received it and they have a 15 day return policy.

So, let me know if you are interested.

I will order the correct one once I know the one I have will be useful to someone.

Thanks! —Tim Cabrera

To be honest, I’d hold off on buying another Luna adapter until we find out what Sidecar can do on iPadOS. That might or might not put a big dent into Luna sales.

Sidecar’s biggest weakness is that it can only be a “sub” monitor. Luna can be used as a main monitor and has a wide wireless communication range.
Also, when using as a drawing tablet, it is a great advantage that you can use Astropad.
Currently, Sidecar is inferior to Luna in terms of iPad touch compatibility and macOS applications, but it is unclear what will happen with the official release.
USB-C may be kept at hand for the future.